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I am passionate about health, I love talking to people about their journey to health and finding out about their life. Everybody has a story and I find that we can learn so much from each other by exchanging ideas.

I have owned Go Vita Coffs Plaza since 2005, prior to that I was a sugar fuelled, fast food eating wholesaler to the health food industry that loved to exercise but had not grasped the truth that you are what you eat.

I have two basic philosophies on health and working in a health food store:

  1. For optimum health eat good food as unprocessed as possible, drink lots of water, get some sun and exercise regularly.
  2. Everybody can change, but just a little – so I enjoy helping others embark on the same journey and get excited with them as they see the results.

I really look forward to meeting you in-store and hearing your story.


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